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Every preemie parent's journey is unique. The support that is appropriate will depend on how you, as an individual, need and want to be supported.  

We provide various methods of support to meet your needs along the journey.

We ship our signature, complimentary care packages designed specifically for where you are along the preemie parent journey. Anyone can order them, parents, family, friends or hospital staff.

We can connect you directly with an experienced preemie parent. We have trained, preemie parent mentors ready to connect online and by phone. Prefer to meet in person? We have NICU Ambassadors around the country, supporting dozens of NICUs and able to meet with you.

Enjoy inspiring and informational stories of hope, resilience and miracles? Visit our blog or our list of hand-picked blogs. You can also visit our Parents of Preemies Day online community to see thousands of pictures shared by other preemie parents from around the world.

Visit our Facebook page to post your questions or join our Preemie Parent Exchange to sell or give away your extra preemie products.  

Show your preemie parent pride by celebrating Parents of Preemies Day and wearing your preemie parent gear all year long,

There are also a number of other resources, services and organizations that we support or recommend.

Coming May 4th 2014

Visit the website to get involved and spread the word or our Facebook page to share your pictures, stories and inspire others.


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Established in 2009, Grahamís Foundation is the premier global organization for parents going through the journey of prematurity.  Grahamís Foundation offers resources, programs, and connections so parents are supported, empowered and hopeful throughout their journey.  We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the journey of prematurity alone.