NICU Support

Founded by and staffed by parents of a premature babies, we know first-hand how important the NICU staff are to the parents we support.

We focus on supplementing the support that you provide while parents are in the NICU, with particular emphasis on the transition home and navigational support in the home setting and early learning years.

Our support provides:

  • Encouragement and community through our social media platforms
  • Education and empowerment through our care package programs
    • Preemie Parent (English & Spanish (coming soon))
    • Remembrance
  • Guidance and support through our Preemie Parent Mentor Program

Are you interested in exploring how Graham’s Foundation can help supplement the support you provide to your preemie parents? If the answer is yes or maybe….

Order a NICU Support Sample Kit which includes a:

  • You Are Not Alone flyer
  • You Are Not Alone postcards
  • Preemie Parent Care Package pamphlet.

If you decide to move forward with our supplemental support you can order more You Are Not Alone flyers for your family lounge and You Are Not Alone postcards to help introduce our support programs to your parents.

If your NICU is listed AND has a contract with Pampers, you can follow this link to submit a request for the You Are Not Alone postcards.

NICU Support Sample Kit


YANA Flyer


YANA Postcards (50ct)