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HELLP Us with a Preemie: A Military Family's Journey

HELLP Us with a Preemie: A Military Family’s Journey

“During a NICU experience, one resource could make all of the different for support, especially for military families.”

Let Yourself Grieve

Let Yourself Grieve

by Maegan Sheiman NICU parents are no strangers to grief.  In an instant, we are forced to take in the feeling of loss in so many forms it seems impossible to balance.  As we watch our little ones’ struggle, we grieve their pain.  We grieve missing that magical birthing experience.  The moment when the doctor hands you your baby, […]

Have You Heard About #NICUHour?

Have You Heard About #NICUHour?

Today we’re sharing a Q&A with Lottie King, founder and head of Leo’s Neonatal in the UK. Leo’s Neonatal cares for families during premature and traumatic labour, in the neonatal unit and beyond. They also have support programs for medical staff in NICU and maternity! We had a chance to chat over email with Lottie […]

Things You Might Not Know About Preeclampsia

Most of us hope for a “perfect pregnancy,” even though we know that the pregnancy journey is a highly individual one. Preeclampsia is one issue that can quickly turn a typical pregnancy into a scary roller-coaster ride and is a major cause of premature birth. If you’re not familiar with preeclampsia, it is a pregnancy […]

Preemie Parent Tips: 8 Ways to Take a Break When You’re a NICU Parent

Parenting in the NICU is exhausting – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It takes a huge toll on your body and your spirit, and that’s true even when your journey is a relatively easy one. If you’re coping with the effects of extreme prematurity or your preemie is sick, you’re facing an even longer, tougher road. […]

Newborn Premature in Incubator

Continuous and Multiple Waves: The Many Emotions of Preterm Birth

The title of this post came from a study conducted in 2014 that found that mothers in particular have strong, varied, and long-term reactions to preterm birth. While most of us are personally and acutely aware of that fact, it was nice that the study’s conclusion recommended that more attention be paid to preemie parents’ […]